Servers, Networks, PC and Laptop Support. Managed or Ad-hoc support packages to meet your needs.

Which is right for me?

Managed IT tends to provide a higher agreed level of service for your staff to take advantage of. Your systems are set up in accordance with best practice providing excelent reliability, speed and security. Staff don’t need to worry about the cost of invoking IT support for issues, lowering the burden on them and on management. Over the longer term Managed can often be cheaper.

There are some scenarios where ad-hoc support can make sense. If you’re happy for staff to work on IT issues themselves, or to escalate them to you to screen out the basic issues. Often there’s a default member of staff that gets to deal with techie stuff, we can be their backstop, and take over where their knowledge ends.

Disaster recovery

The better run your systems are the less you will need this, and the less painful it will be if you do! Everyone makes mistakes, any equipment can fail, and in today’s world ransomware and hacking are daily threats. Our experience in dealing with these scenarios time and time again will turn those frowns upside down.

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