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Frustrated by the tech sitting on your desk?

Identify the systems and processes beyond their use-by date with an IT audit

It can be exasperating dealing with a slow computer – but the annoyance is often a symptom of something deeper. The problem isn’t that your hardware and software is slow, it’s that your business has probably outgrown the existing equipment or that regular updates are not being made. The good news is, the pounding headache a.k.a. IT, can be cured, even if you haven’t got a clue about computers and don’t want to learn.

Step in the IT audit.

It’s the Alka-Seltzer for tech!

Introducing the NGL Technology IT Audit

An IT audit is exactly as it sounds, an examination and assessment of your IT equipment, software and processes. By answering a few questions about business goals and the role IT and communication play in the company, the audit will address all IT stumbling blocks and your ‘I wish’ needs that new or improved tech might resolve.

You won’t need to lift a finger for the IT audit. Simply grant us access to inspect what is currently being used and for what purpose. This review will identify the efficiencies (or inefficiencies) of your tech and highlight how your staff are using it. One of the audit objectives will be to identify cost savings and productivity enhancements.

Following the audit you’ll receive a prioritised report, listing full recommendations and options for IT improvements – in layman’s terms. The report will be designed to support the growth goals and day-to-day operation of your business.

It’ll be your choice if you want to progress with any of the recommendations after we’ve presented it to you.

Book me in for an IT Audit – I want improvements!

IT Audit

What will an IT audit include?

The IT audit will involve a full investigation of the technology used in your business, reviewing:

  • Computer hardware
  • Computer software
  • Telecoms
  • Servers and networks
  • Cloud provisions, including email and web hosting if required
  • Telecoms
  • Security and backups

What bother with an IT audit?

Many business owners and finance managers perceive IT to be a costly expense – and it can be if it’s inefficient, not fit for purpose or failing due to user error.

An IT audit will identify poor performance and technology gaps in the business. An audit will also highlight opportunities to greatly reduce costs and improve proficiencies. Business IT solutions are significantly different from home-based solutions, and it pays to be advised by a professional.

Thinking IT is complicated often comes down to systems past their use by date, or user inexperience. Lack of training, incompetence and anxieties around ‘touching’ the buttons for fear of breaking the IT is more common than you would think. It’s often not slow or cumbersome tech, it’s limited user knowledge or fear.

The good news is that these ‘complications’ are easily overcome by asking a few simple questions during an IT audit. If beneficial, a training plan of action can be advised for your team.

IT Audit