Staff member on a VoIP call in Stoke-on-Trent

Looking to improve your business telecoms?

Consider hosted VoIP solutions to maximise effect

Even though messaging services and email are increasingly becoming the preferred choice for many people to communicate, having a proper two-way audio conversation still gets the job done.

NGL Technology offers several solutions for telecoms, including broadband, VoIP telephone and leased line options. Solutions can seamlessly integrate with existing computers and mobile devices and are accessible on or off-site.

Telecoms benefits

  • ️Fixed user fees
  • Flexible solutions to suit all users and needs
  • Technical advice and ad hoc support
  • Easy upscaling and downscaling capabilities to adapt with your business

Hosted voice – VoIP telecoms

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communication is a cloud-based telephone system using the internet. Businesses can seamlessly communicate and collaborate with customers and staff with little maintenance needed. Systems are easy to set up and often more cost-effective than traditional ways to communicate.

Leased lines

Leased lines are a robust telecoms solution with up to 1Gbps bandwidth available. The solution uses fibre ethernet to ensure optimal resilience and offers a dedicated line for each user with a business class service level agreement.

Talk to us about what you’re looking for from your business telecoms and we’ll discuss all available options so that you can make an informed decision.

Broadband solutions

Broadband telecoms solutions provide a fast connection with smooth communication. Take advantage of superfast fibre to your premise cabinet (FTTC) from £45 per month including line rental.