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Need a competent team to look after your tech?

Gain trustworthy support over the phone or face-to-face with managed IT solutions

Technology is the operational backbone for most businesses, but when it plays up or is no longer fit for purpose, a suitable resolution becomes urgent.

Managed IT support provides an ideal solution for larger organisations employing five or more employees (up to 50). This sweet spot for outsourced managed IT works because your tech provision won’t require a full-time on-site IT manager.

Managed IT solutions benefits

  • Ongoing monthly all-inclusive management
  • Priority problem resolution service
  • Unrestricted remote support ticket logging
  • IT consultancy to suit your business growth needs

What does a managed IT solution include?

Managed IT solutions are typically monthly retainers allowing for a specific number of support hours each month. Contracts include all essential backups, security protection, software updates and systems monitoring.

Packages can be customised to suit the needs of your organisation. A major benefit of investing in a monthly support package is gaining a priority service over ad hoc client support. If you need us, your problem will be escalated.

A user support helpdesk is available to all managed IT clients. Logging a ticket online will fast-track your issue. Using this complementary service will maintain uptime by resolving tricky tech concerns using a prompt remote access service.

For problems that require an on-site visit, managed IT clients are prioritised and one of the NGL Technology team will visit you as soon as possible.

The more proficient your IT, the less support you will need and the easier it will be to maintain. Everyone can make mistakes and equipment can fail. There is also an increasing number of cyber security threats to guard against, including ransomware and system hacking.

Delegating the management of IT systems and processes to a trustworthy and knowledgeable team delivers the peace of mind that tech, staff and clients are always in safe hands.

If you’re uncertain about choosing managed IT or an ad hoc support package as the best solution for your organisation, review our comparison page for more information or contact us for a no-obligation chat about your options.

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