We provide email service centered around Microsoft 365 packages for business. With individual users starting from £1.50/mo for a basic mailbox accessible from mobile and web to £9.40/mo for large full featured mailboxes including a copy of MS Office Apps for up to 5 of your computers and 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage we have a solution for every need.

Some businesses require enhanced anti-spam features – we can provide services such as Sophos Email Advanced or VIPRE Email Security Cloud depending on your requirements. These can work along side 365’s built in protections to give you a double layer of security. When email is the number 1 way that cyber criminals can enter your organisation this is well worth considering.

We can offer business email archival solutions. In short this takes a copy of every email sent or received by anyone in your organisation and keeps an indelible copy. These can be searched and retrieved at a later date – possibly many years later. When potentially very costly arguments can hinge on who said what to who in email correspondence potentially years previously this solution doesn’t rely on each individual person to file emails correctly which is a common point where crucial emails can be misplaced.

Centralised Email Signature Management. A common issue is keeping everyone using the right email signature, with the correct information and on-brand. Exclaimer Signature Management means that all this it set from a central location for everybody. A standard signature layout is set, and you can even regularly update it with things like special offers, seasonal offers or events. Give us a call to discuss.